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Centralian Tree Frog
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Centralian Tree Frog
Photographer: Michael Barritt & Karen May

Centralian Tree Frog Range Map (Central Australia)
Centralian Tree Frog Range Map
(Central Australia)

Latin Name Litoria gilleni
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Central Australia
Colour Green/Olive Green
Length Up to 8 cms (3.1 inches)


Breeding Season


Main Characteristics

Centralian Tree Frogs are a fairly large species of tree frog, growing up to 8 cms (3.1 inches) in length. They are coloured green or olive green on their dorsal surface with numerous white/cream coloured spots and their underside is white.

Their feet are webbed and their hands are one third webbed. They have large pads on their fingers and toes and their eyes have horizontal pupils.

They have a slow barking call that is very similar to that of a white's tree frog.


Centralian Tree Frogs are found in the MacDonnell Ranges in central Australia and they inhabit rock gorges with either permanent or temporary water sources.

They hide beneath rocks during the day and they are active at night.


Centralian Tree Frogs feed on insects.


Interesting Facts

Centralian Tree Frogs are also known as:
Gillens Tree Frog

Centralian Tree Frogs are closely related to and are very similar to white's tree frogs


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