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European Tree Frog
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European Tree Frog

European Tree Frog
Photographer: Christian Fischer

European Tree Frog

European Tree Frog Range Map (Europe & West Asia)
European Tree Frog Range Map
(Europe & West Asia)
Latin Name Hyla arborea
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Europe & West Asia
Colour Green/Yellow/Brown
Length 3 - 5 cms (1.25 - 2 inches)


Breeding Season

Spring & Summer

Main Characteristics

European Tree Frogs are small frogs, growing between 3 and 5 cms (1.25 - 2 inches) in length. Their dorsal surface is bright green, olive green, grey, yellow or brown in colour and it is smooth in texture, while their underside is white/cream coloured and it has a granular texture. They have a dark stripe that runs from the nostril down each side of their body to their hip.

Their hind legs are strong and are much longer than their front legs which enables them to jump rapidly. Their fingers lack any webbing but their toes are webbed and on the end of each finger and toe are adhesive discs to enable climbing. Their eyes have horizontal pupils and they have a very distinctive call.


European Tree Frogs are found throughout Europe and in western Asia. They prefer overgrown areas near to water and during the winter months they hibernate.


The diet of the European Tree Frog mainly consists of insects, particularly flying insects.


Breeding occurs during spring and summer and males call to attract females from an elevated position near to a water source.

200 - 2,000 eggs are laid in clutches among vegetation in shallow water. Within a few weeks the tadpoles will develop but the speed at which this happens depends on the temperature of the water.

After metamorphosis occurs the young froglets will remain among vegetation near the water, but once they are larger they will move into the trees.

Interesting Facts

European Tree Frogs are also known as:
Common Tree Frog
European Green Tree Frog

European Tree Frogs are one of only two species of tree frogs to be found in Europe and they are the most widespread.


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