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Golden Poison Frog
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Golden Poison Frog

Latin Name Phyllobates terribilis
Conservation Status Endangered
Location Columbia, S America
Colour Yellow, Green or Orange
Length Up to 5 cms (2 inches)

Wholly Terrestrial

Breeding Season

Rainy Season

Main Characteristics

Golden Poison Frogs can reach up to 5 cms (2 inches)
in length and they can be green, yellow or orange in colour. They have disks on their toes to enable them to climb and they have a distinctive bone plate on their lower jaw which gives them the appearance of having teeth.


Golden Poison Frogs are endemic to the Pacific coast of Colombia, South America. They inhabit rainforests and tend to live close to small streams.


Golden Poison Frogs mainly feed on ants, but they also eat other insects and small invertebrates.


Golden Poison Frogs breed during the rainy season and the female lays her eggs in moist leaf litter or under rocks. The male fertilizes the eggs then he regularly visits them until they hatch. Once the tadpoles have hatched the male carries them on his back to a larger area of water where they can complete their metamorphosis.

Interesting Facts

Golden Poison Frogs are also known as:
Golden Dart Frog

Golden Poison Frogs are considered to be the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. However, when kept in captivity they are not poisonous as they do not eat their natural diet.


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