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Waxy Tree Frog
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Waxy Tree Frog

Waxy Tree Frog Range Map (Central South America)
Waxy Tree Frog Range Map
(Central South America)

Latin Name Phyllomedusa sauvagii
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Central South America
Colour Green
Length Up to 8 cms (3.1 inches)


Breeding Season

Rainy Season

Main Characteristics

Waxy Tree Frogs measure up to 8 cms (3.1 inches) in length. They are green in colour and their skin has a waxy coating that prevents them from drying out. They have long legs and can live for up to 8 years. They are active during the night and males call at these times.


Waxy Tree Frogs are found on savanna, shrub land and forested areas of central South America. They are inhabit trees and vegetation near temporary freshwater ponds and lagoons.


Waxy Tree Frogs feed upon insects.


Waxy Tree Frogs make a coarse, leaf nest in which they lay their eggs. The nest hangs over water and when the eggs hatch, the tadpoles drop into the water where they develop into frogs.

Interesting Facts

Waxy Tree Frogs are also known as:
Monkey Frog
Monkey Tree Frog
Waxy Monkey Leaf Frog


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