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Colorado River Toad
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Colorado River Toad

Colorado River Toad Range Map (SW USA & Mexico)
Colorado River Toad Range Map
(SW USA & Mexico)

Latin Name Bufo alvarius
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location S W USA & Northern Mexico
Colour Brown
Length 10 - 18 cms (4 - 7 inches)

Semi - Aquatic

Breeding Season


Main Characteristics

Colorado River Toads are the largest toads found in North America, growing between 10 and 18 cms (4 - 7 inches) in length.

They are coloured olive green, grey or brown on their dorsal surface with a pale coloured underside, and their skin is smooth with small warts. These warts are the toads defence system as they produce a mild venom that contains bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT.

Their eyes are orange/golden in colour and their pupils are horizontal.


Colorado River Toads are found in south west USA and Mexico. They live in both desert and semi-arid areas and are often found near streams, springs, canals and ditches. They often use a rodents burrow to make their home and they are active at night. During the colder winter months they hibernate.


Colorado River Toads are carnivorous and they feed on small rodents, insects, small reptiles and other toads. They have a long, sticky tongue which helps them to catch their prey.


Colorado River Toads breed during summer, laying 7,500 - 8,000 eggs in long strings, in pools or slow moving streams. The tadpoles are coloured yellow/brown and it takes them approximately one month to metamorphose into toadlets.

Interesting Facts

Colorado River Toads are also known as:
Sonoran Desert Toad

Colorado River Toads are commonly kept as pets in south west USA.


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