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Wyoming Toad
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Wyoming Toad

Wyoming Toad Range Map (Laramie Basin, Wyoming, USA)
Wyoming Toad Range Map
(Laramie Basin, Wyoming, USA)

Latin Name Bufo baxteri
Conservation Status Extinct in the Wild
Location Wyoming, USA
Colour Dk Brown/Grey/Greenish
Length 5.6 cms (2.2 inches)

Mainly Terrestrial

Breeding Season

Spring & Summer

Main Characteristics

Wyoming Toads are dark brown, grey or greenish in colour with small dark markings. They have rounded warts on their dorsal surface and their underside is spotted.

They grow up to 5.6 cms (2.2 inches) in length and they are mainly active at night.


In the wild Wyoming Toads are found in the wetlands of the Laramie Basin, Wyoming, USA. Currently they exist only in captivity within Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming, USA. They are currently being reintroduced back into the wild but they are still classified as being "extinct in the wild" as they are not yet self-sustaining.


In the wild Wyoming Toads feed on small insects but the diet of captive Wyoming Toads consists of crickets and meal worms.


Breeding takes place during spring and summer and males call out to attract females. Hundreds of eggs are laid in a long tube of jelly and within 3 - 20 days they hatch into tadpoles.

Interesting Facts

Wyoming Toads have very poor eye sight and it relies on its prey moving around so it can detect it.


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