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Photographer: Luc Viatour of www.lucnix.be

Photographer: Arturo Nikolai

Hoopoe Range Map (Europe,Asia, Africa & Madagascar)
Hoopoe Range Map (Europe, Asia, Africa & Madagascar)
Orange = Nesting
Green = Resident All Year
Blue = Wintering

Photographer: Luc Viatour of www.lucnix.be

Latin Name Upupa epops
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Europe, Asia, Africa & Madagascar
Colour Black, White & Fawn
Length 25 - 32 cm (9.8 - 12.6 inches)
Wingspan 44 - 48 cm (17.3 - 19 inches)
Weight 48 - 89 g (1.7 - 3.1 oz)
Life Expectancy - Yrs


Hoopoes can be found in Europe, Africa, Asia and Madagascar.


Subspecies of the Hoopoe are:

Upupa epops africana
Upupa epops ceylonensis
Upupa epops epops
Upupa epops longirostris
Upupa epops major
Upupa epops marginata
Upupa epops senegalensis
Upupa epops waibeli
Upupa epops saturata

Interesting Facts

Hoopoes are also known as:
Common Hoopoe
Eurasian Hoopoe

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