Variable Dwarf Kingfisher
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Latin Name Ceyx lepidus
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location SE Asia
Colour -
Length - cm (- inches)
Wingspan - cm (- inches)
Weight - g (- oz)
Life Expectancy - Yrs


Variable Dwarf Kingfishers are found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Solomon Islands.


Subspecies of the Variable Dwarf Kingfisher are:

Ceyx lepidus cajeli
Ceyx lepidus collectoris
Ceyx lepidus dispar
Ceyx lepidus gentianus
Ceyx lepidus lepidus
Ceyx lepidus malaitae
Ceyx lepidus margarethae
Ceyx lepidus meeki
Ceyx lepidus mulcatus
Ceyx lepidus nigromaxilla
Ceyx lepidus sacerdotis
Ceyx lepidus solitarius
Ceyx lepidus uropygialis
Ceyx lepidus wallacii

Interesting Facts

Variable Dwarf Kingfishers belong to the old world genus of river kingfishers, Ceyx.

Variable Dwarf Kingfishers are also known as:
Variable Kingfisher
Dwarf Kingfisher
Chameleon Dwarf Kingfisher

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