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Sei Whale

Sei Whale Feeding
Sei Whale Feeding

The size of a Sei Whale compared to an average human
The size of a Sei Whale compared to an average human

Sei Whale Range Map (Worldwide)
Sei Whale Range Map (Worldwide)
Latin Name Balaenoptera borealis
Conservation Status Endangered
Location Worldwide
Colour Grey
Length 14 - 16 m (43 - 52 ft)
Weight 20 - 25 tonnes (20 - 24.5 tons)
Life Expectancy 65 - 75 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Sei Whales are the third largest rorqual, after the blue whale and the fin whale. They have a body length between 14 and 16 m (43 - 52 ft), and they weigh between 20 and 25 tonnes (20 - 24.5 tons).


Sei Whales are found in waters worldwide.


Sei Whales feed on small fish, squid and krill. They eat around 900 kgs (1,985 lbs) of food per day.


Sei Whales breed during the winter months and after a gestation of 10.5 - 12 months a single calf is born. The calf is weaned at 6 - 7 months old and they reach sexual maturity at around 10 years of age.

Sei Whales usually reproduce every other year.


Humans are predators of Sei Whales.


Subspecies of the Sei Whale are:

Northern Sei Whale
(Balaenoptera borealis borealis)

Southern Sei Whale
(Balaenoptera borealis schlegelii)

Interesting Facts

Sei Whales are also known as:
Rudolphi's Rorqual
Pollack Whale
Coalfish Whale
Sardine Whale
Japan Finner

The word Sei comes from the Norwegian word sei for pollock.

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