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Sika Deer

Sika Deer

Latin Name Cervus nippon
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location E & S E Asia
Colour Brown
Length 1.5 - 2 m (5 - 6.5 ft)
Tail 12 - 20 cm (4.75 - 8 inches)
Weight 35 - 55 kgs (77 - 120 lbs)
Life Expectancy Up to 15 Yrs


Subspecies of the Sika Deer include:

North Honshu Sika
(C. n. aplodontus)

Manchurian Sika
(C. n. mantchuricus)
Location: former USSR

North China Sika
(C. n. mandarinus)
Location: China
Conservation Status: Considered Extinct

Shansi Sika
(C. n. grassianus)
Location: China
Conservation Status: Considered Extinct

Sichuan Sika
(C. n. sichuanicus)
Location: China

Hokkaido Sika
(C. n. yesoensis)
Location : Japan

Formosan or Taiwan Sika
(C. n. taiouanus)
Location: Taiwan

Vietnamese or Tonkin Sika
(C. n. pseudaxis)
Location: Vietnam

South China or Kopschi Sika
(C. n. kopschi)
Location: China

Ryukyu or Kerama Sika
(C. n. keramae)
Location: Japan

C. n. pulchellus
Location: Japan - Tsushima Islands.

Interesting Facts

Sika Deer are also known as:
Spotted Deer
Japanese Deer


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