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Indian Wild Ass or Khur
Indian Wild Ass or Khur

Mongolian Wild Ass
Mongolian Wild Ass

Syrian Wild Ass at London Zoo, 1872. They are now Extinct
Syrian Wild Ass at London Zoo, 1872.
They are now Extinct
Latin Name Equus hemionus
Conservation Status Endangered
Location W, C & S Asia
Colour Buff/Light Brown
Length 2 - 2.5 m (6.5 - 8.25 ft)
Tail 30 - 49 cms (12 - 19.5 inches)
Weight 200 - 260 Kgs (440 - 570 lbs)
Life Expectancy - Yrs

Main Characteristics

The Onager is a wild member of the horse family, Equidae. They have a body length between 2 and 2.5 m (6.5 - 8.25 ft), a tail length between 30 and 49 cms (12 - 19.5 inches) and they weigh between 200 and 260 Kgs (440 - 570 lbs).

They are buff, tawny or grey in colour with a white underside. They have a dark mane, dorsal stripe, ear tips and a feathered tail tip.


Onagers can be found in west, central and southern Asia.


Onagers eat a variety of vegetation including grasses and succulent plants.




Subspecies of the Onager include:

Mongolian Wild Ass or Khulan
(Equus hemionus hemionus)
Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Turkmenian Kulan
(Equus hemionus kulan)

Persian Onager
(Equus hemionus onager)

Indian Wild Ass or Khur
(Equus hemionus khur)

Syrian Wild Ass
(Equus hemionus hemippus)
Conservation Status: Extinct (1928)
The Syrian Wild Ass inhabited the mountains, desert and steppe of Syria. The last one died in Schönbrunn Zoo in 1928 and it is officially declared extinct.

Interesting Facts

Onagers are also known as:
Asian Wild Ass

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