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Pygmy Mouse Lemur

Pygmy Mouse Lemur

Pygmy Mouse Lemur Range Map (Madagascar)
Pygmy Mouse Lemur Range Map (Madagascar)

Latin Name Microcebus myoxinus
Conservation Status Endangered
Location Western Madagascar
Colour Rufous Brown
Length Up to 6.1 cms (2.4 inches)
Tail Up to 13.6 cms (5.4 inches)
Weight Up to 30.6 g (1.1 oz)
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

The Pygmy Mouse Lemur is the world's smallest primate. They have a body length up to 6.1 cms (2.4 inches), a tail length up to 13.6 cms (5.4 inches) and they weigh up to 30.6 g (1.1 oz).

They are rufous brown in colour with a creamy coloured underside. They have a black stripe running down their back and a white stripe running from their forehead, between their large eyes, to their nose.


Pygmy Mouse Lemurs live in the dry, deciduous forests of western Madagascar. They are arboreal, nocturnal and solitary animals. During the day they sometimes sleep in tree holes but mainly they sleep in the open, just surrounded by a tangle of thin branches and leaves.


Pygmy Mouse Lemurs feed on fruit, flowers and insects.


Pygmy Mouse Lemurs breed between September and October, but little else is known about their reproduction.


Pygmy Mouse Lemurs are preyed upon by larger mammals and birds.

Interesting Facts

Pygmy Mouse Lemurs are the smallest primates in the world.

Pygmy Mouse Lemurs are also known as:
Western Rufous Lemur
Peters' Mouse Lemur

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