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Ring-Tailed Lemur

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Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Ring-Tailed Lemur Range Map (Madagascar)
Ring-Tailed Lemur Range Map (Madagascar)

Ring-Tailed Lemur
All images are a Ring-Tailed Lemur at South Lakes Wild Animal Park, Dalton-in-Furness, UK
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Latin Name Lemur catta
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location Madagascar
Colour Grey, Black & White
Length 39 - 46 cms (15.5 - 18 inches)
Tail 56 - 62 cms (22 - 24 inches)
Weight 2.5 - 3.5 Kgs (5.5 - 7.75 lbs)
Life Expectancy 18 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Ring-Tailed Lemurs are the most recognizable species of lemur. They have a body length between 39 and 46 cms (15.5 - 18 inches), a tail length between 56 and 62 cms (22 - 24 inches) and they weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 kgs (5.5 - 7.75 lbs).

They are grey in colour with a white underside. Their tail is long with distinctive black and white rings.


Ring-Tailed Lemurs live in the forests of southern Madagascar. They are agile climbers but they spend more time on the ground than other species of lemur. They are social animals and live in groups of 5 - 25 individuals that are led by a dominant female.


Ring-Tailed Lemurs mainly eat fruit, leaves, nectar, seeds, and flowers.


Ring-Tailed Lemurs breed between April and June and after a gestation period of 4 - 5 months, 1 - 2 young are born. By the time they reach 5 months old they are weaned and they reach sexual maturity at 2 - 3 years of age.


The main predators of Ring-Tailed Lemurs are the fossa, madagascar harrier hawks, madagascar buzzards, madagascar ground boas, civets, domestic cats, domestic dogs and humans.

Interesting Facts

Ring-Tailed Lemurs enjoy basking in the sun and they sit upright with their hands on their knees in a "sun worship" posture.

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