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My name is Andy Easthope. I am 40 years of age and live in Lancashire. I first started photography when I was 17 using the local schools Zenit II manual SLR. After I had to hand it back I managed to persuade my parents into getting me a Pentax P30 for my 18th birthday. I eventually went Digital 18 years later shelving the Pentax for the time being. Photography has never been so flexible and as a keen user of the manual settings, I like to get the photo right first time without relying on the use of any photographic enhancing programs... my aim anyway, but I do give in at times just to add a touch of mood to the overall finish of the photo!

I enjoy any form of subject matter as this allows me to better understand how the camera is set to handle the subject and lighting at hand, it also allows me to learn and expand my mostly self-taught knowledge of photography.

Within the last few of years of using my first Digital SLR, the D70s, I have photographed numerous subjects, including weddings, car meetings, bike meets, places travelled, celebrities, Peeps and of course wildlife. I recently moved up to the Nikon D200 after winning a competition with the Times Online Travel Competition and hopefully, with a few more inspirational photos on my journey, I may get the break I always wanted and eventually work with the likes of the Nikon D3.

I have won a couple of competitions. As mentioned earlier my first was The Times Online Travel Competition. The second was for Gardening.co.uk and was added to the Gardening 2008 calendar as the August photo. I am presently doing a year long competition with a camera magazine and I am doing far better this year than I did last year. These can be seen on my website in the last gallery. My dream would be to work freelance and provide magazines with photos from all over the world.

I have set up a website showing my photographs mainly due to the demand from people wishing to view my photos. There is the option to buy most of my photos. The only ones not available for purchase are my beloved celebrities. Now with over 10,000 hits every week my website has grown to contain over 2500 photos, been the talking point for weddings, cars, bikes, celebrities, the impressive fireworks, wildlife and allowed me to provide friends and relatives with many hours of fun and enjoyment as they go through my portfolio. So here it is, my hobby that can be viewed in all its glory at the following web address:


My studio is the great outdoors, after all that is the best lighting a photographer could wish for. Wildlife photography allows me to be able to get out into the great outdoors where I feel more at home! I have been to the South Lakes Wild Animal Park, Dublin Zoo, am a member of the Blackpool Zoo, Chester Zoo and Toronto Zoo.  


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Andy Easthope


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