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South Lakes Wild Animal Park


Giraffes Feeding Giraffes Feeding

Black Swan
Black Swan

Hamadryas Baboon Hamadryas Baboon

Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger


Red Ruffed Lemur
Red Ruffed Lemur

Oriental Small Clawed Otter
Oriental Small Clawed Otter

All images have been taken at South Lakes Wild Animal Park, Dalton-in-Furness, UK © theanimalfiles.com

General Review

South Lakes Wild Animal Park has a variety of animals from all over the world and they are kept in an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible. The animals at the park are well kept and are happy in their surroundings. As you wander around the park you will come across all sorts of birds, emus and various species of lemur as they are able to wander around a very large area of the park.

The staff at the park are very knowledgable and they give talks about the animals at feeding times. With some animals, such as the giraffes and lemurs, visitors are able to help with feeding. The tiger feeding is unique, very popular and not to be missed! See Video

The park layout is such that animals from the same country are in enclosures adjacent to each other and the park has good sign posts to enable you to get your bearings and ensure you get to see all of the animals.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the park and would recommend it as a fantastic day out.

Opening Times

During the summer months the park is open from 10 am - 5 pm and during the winter the opening times are 10 am - 4.30 pm. The last admission is 45 minutes before the park closes.

Feeding Times

Easter - October
12.00 Meet a snake in the picnic area
12.30 Apes & Monkeys
13.00 Vulture Feeding
13.30 Andean Bears
14.00 Lemur Feeding
14.30 Tiger Feeding
15.00 Penguin Feeding
15.20 Rhinos
15.45 Giraffes
16.25 Lions compete for their food

All Year
14.30 Tiger Feeding
16.25 Lions compete for their food

The above times are subject to change and are displayed outside the cafe entrance.


The Tariff for 2007 is:

Adults £10.50
Children £7.00
OAPs £7.00
Under 3s are Free
Friends of the Park £1.00

Special education price of £4.50 per pupil.

Payment is taken by either cash, credit or debit card.

Guide Book

The guide book costs £1.50 and is well worth it. It provides details of the animals at the park, details of the conservation projects the park is involved with, a site map, information on the park's facilities, a history of South Lakes Wild Animal Park, details of the park's attractions, fun activities to do and much much more.


Restaurant - In the Maki Restaurant hot and cold drinks and snacks are available. Seating is available inside and outside that overlook the giraffe and rhinoceros enclosure.

Picnic Area - If you choose to bring a picnic there is a designated picnic area where you can sit and watch over a variety of birds on the park's lake.

Toilets - They are clean and regularly checked by the park's staff and there are facilities for the disabled and nappy changing.

Gift Shop - The gift shop is full of things that you can purchase as a reminder of your day at the park.


Become a friend of the park - For a fee of £10.00 you can visit the park as many times as you like for a year at a reduced rate, get 10% off food & drink in the cafe and get 10% off in the gift shop.

Keeper for the Day - Experience what it is like to work with some of the rarest animals in the world for a day.

Adopt an Animal - Adopt an animal from the park or one in the wild.


The Charities the park is involved with include:

The Wildlife Protection Foundation
Reg Charity No. 1113166

The Sumatran Tiger Trust
Reg Charity No. 1082186

Other Information

Due to the nature of the park, no dogs are allowed. This also applies to guide dog.

No Radios/ Ball Games in the park.

No Smoking in the park.

Do not feed any of your own food to the animals, you can purchase food from the shop/cafe to feed some of the animals.

Visit the park's website. Continue>


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